The fastest way to create your Unique Selling Proposition

Introducing you. Finally, learn how to answer the, “What do you do?” question with ease and confidence. Craft a statement the perks ears and wins hearts without spending hours in the matrix of self-reflection.

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kimberly holmes brand strategist and web designer

There’s no one way to be an entrepreneur, but there *is* one way to
effectively market yourself and your services
so that your ideal clients are attracted to you.

I’m Kimberly and I help you….

love your website again
and get customers finding you
without you chasing them
using remarkable digital media strategies!

Swipe the exact formula I use for my clients to help them craft a selling proposition that is truly unique and states their benefits so that they quickly and immediately connect with their ideal client as soon as they start their introduction.

Learn how to engage people by sharing your USP/UVP with confidence without missing a beat during any one-on-one or group introduction

Discover and define what is truly unique about how you do business combined with your skills set and learn how to say that to your ideal clients

Find out how to convey your value and expertise within 10 second of meeting someone, no matter the setting or how long you’ve known them

This is an easy to follow 3-point process that will help you craft a personalized, dynamic unique selling proposition in 10 minutes

so that

you don’t feel–or look–like a deer in headlights when someone asks, “What do you do?”


having to spend extra time or money on working with a go-to guru and be left feeling like you’re no different than the next new kid in your market


trying to ask client after client why they chose you

especially if

all you really want is a good, unique, solid unique selling proposition

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