Yes, you can …

have a website that
looks amazing *and* brings your ideal tribe to you.

Learn 5 tips you can use right now–to take your website from, “meh,” to remarkable so that you can get more prospects and book clients

Your website won’t fix itself
… and you can’t fix it, either.

Trading hours of frustration for sanity trying to DIY it yourself or fighting with WordPress
isn’t the solution to get your website looking better and generating leads.

Newsflash: that is not working.

Neither is hiring your sister’s brother’s cousin who took a few web design classes.

Neither is emailing that freelancer you found on Fiverr who promised
a professional website in one week, but can’t even reply to an email with progress updates.

Why pay for a $3,500+ website that can’t even generate a $297 client?

It’s not just about looking good. If your brand looks amazing and has stupid copy behind it, people click away faster than a car riding down the Indy 500.

It’s not just about sounding good. You can have the best information on your blog, but if your website looks like a Crayola box after a toddler’s worked their magic, visitors hit that “x”.

When your website is so jacked-up it’s the answer to any History Channel reference to how alien’s created the world, that’s when you’ve got no online identity and people will associate it you with nothing.

So fix it.

Get my checklist to revamp your website in under one hour

Hi, I’m Kimberly!

I help heart-centered, Spirit-led solopreneurs connect with their tribe so that they can do more of what they love and make bank while doing it.

To me, working with business owners isn’t just about creating pretty things (although that’s a huge plus).

Return on effort, the ability to genuinely connect with your target audience; and feeling freedom in your business are the reasons that inspire me the most to help people transform their brand + website into a wow-worthy, lead-generating machine of yeses!

There are 5 tweaks you can make to your website today
that will completely change it forever.

Discover five tips you can use–immediately–to turn your website into a lead generating, client engaging hub

What Clients Are Saying

Love it, love it, love it. I’ve never seen a design I wasn’t impressed with. I love the level of professionalism, the creative process and of course the end design. Thank you, Kimprint, for great service at an affordable price.
Pastor Kimberly Lara

Senior Pastor, Genesis Church

My client was delighted with her work, and particularly impressed by her marketing savvy. I highly recommend her creative services and business consulting.
Jonathan Warkentien

Business Consultant, Marketer

I’ve used Kimprint for 3 different sites and all 3 times the results have been outstanding. Work was done quickly, good communication, and really understands the needs of a small business (many web designers don’t, they try to force their ideas on you and it can be a nightmare).
Lawrence Morris

Busines Owner, SEO for Small Businesses

Discover how to make your website a lead-generating machine.

This is how Kimprint clients get 35% more leads after working with us.

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