What Your Brand Is & What It Isn’t

by | Jul 1, 2022 | Brand Strategy, Marketing | 0 comments

There is this type of myth for female entrepreneurs about what their brand is. A lot of small business owners think their brand is their logo, their marketing, or even who they are as an individual. Let’s clear up some misconceptions on what your brand is and get clear on what your brand really is.

“Your Logo Is Your Brand.” Here’s Why That Is Not True.

If you are like most people, then you likely don’t know the essence of how to start branding yourself. Somewhere along the way you probably heard that an attractive logo or a catchy brand name defines your brand? You are entirely wrong!

Female-led businesses spend megabucks on designing a perfect logo. They spend months researching what logo, colors and styles would lure in customers. However, a unique logo doesn’t solely represent your brand. You could spend the same amount of money and time in a more beneficial way by focusing on a brand audit to find gaps in your brand strategy.

Your Brand Isn’t a Hashtag

Because social media is [rightfully] so popular, branded hashtags have carved themselves into the lexicon of business building and created a space where they’re often thought to be a brand on their own.

While hashtags can help your brand to gain more recognition, your brand isn’t just a hashtag. Why? Because when your clients experience your business, they won’t walk away thinking, “Wow, that hashtag really transformed me.”

Your clients aren’t searching for a hashtag that can change their business. They’re searching for a fellow business owner who can work with them to create a quantum leap in their business and move them to that next level of success.

What Is Your Brand?

Now that we know what your brand isn’t, what is your brand?

Your brand is how much you are honoring your values. Starting to brand yourself begins with defining the core values of your brand, which should include the transformation you help your clients achieve. This is an essential step. People won’t always remember the captions on your posts, but they will remember their experience with you!

Your brand is what tells the story of how your business helps your clients. Along the way, you should be giving your audience cues into that change through colors, copy, and other parts of your brand experience.

How To Brand Yourself 101

Like I said earlier, your brand is essentially the book of your business. Each chapter should focus on different aspects of your business.

When I’m working with my clients on their brand strategy I like to begin with the end in mind. The end is this:

What do we want potential clients to feel after encountering your business (especially through your website & social media profiles)?

That simple thought is how you plan a brand that connects you with the clients you want to work with who are ready to pay for you for your expertise.

From there, my clients take themselves on a journey of deep discovery for their business–even if they’ve been in business for years! Why? Because we have to know what we want in order to build a brand around that.

What I Would Recommend

Now that you know the characteristics that define your brand, you can go ahead and start compiling a list for yourself.

Start by listing your values and comparing them to other brands. Then categorize the values as short-term and long-term. Start working on strategies to achieve short-term values, and lean into working towards long-term values. Keep building healthy relationships with your customers and employees. At the end of the day, your brand is represented by the people it impacts. Make sure you leave no stones unturned there!

If you are a decision-fatigued business owner and need help with your business’ brand strategy, set up a meeting with me and let’s get clear on where you can improve to get in front of the clients you want.