Debunking Myths About Branding

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Branding is Beyonce in the creative industry. Whether in marketing, sales, or operations,
you’ve heard about branding and how much of a big deal it is in the business. Some would even
argue that branding is the creative industry (and you know many say that Beyonce is the music

It’s so easy to confuse branding with a lot of things. To get up to speed with what branding is
and isn’t, read on! Here are three misconceptions about branding that you should know about.

Myth #1: You’ve got a logo, so you have a brand

Branding is not just about logos.

Although logos are a huge part of branding, it’s not all there is. Therefore, rebranding doesn’t
just mean whipping up a new, “revamped” logo. I can’t count the times I have encountered
potential clients who say, “I need branding for my business, can you design me a logo?”

Branding is a process that is not limited to just generating logos for social media accounts,
websites, business cards, and similar design items.

Myth #2: You can create your brand overnight

Branding is a long-term process.

Many startups think that branding stops at one branding campaign reflected on social media
content, website, and logo. Remember that branding is basically the messaging of your
business. Communication is alive; it never stops. Your target audience is constantly evolving, so
should your branding.

Nike hasn’t always been a fitness brand. Nike was more known to be a sports brand, but the
company has positioned itself to be the World’s leading fitness and sports brand in recent times.
It started as a sports brand but eventually positioned itself as a sports and fitness brand. The
best strategy is never to stop growing as a brand.

Don’t let your brand decay.

Myth #3: Branding is only for gurus & name-brand companies

Branding is not only for big businesses.

Good branding doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars. If you have the time, you can even
improvise and work on your business’ branding on your own.

There are many resources online that should help you generate a logo, build a website, and plan content pillars that are
aligned with the messaging of your branding.

Why? Because Chanel and Louis Vuitton are not the only brands worth putting out there.

Myth #4: Branding requires a pro

Branding is a learned skill. The more time a Brand Strategist has in the field, the more refined that skill is.

Many entrepreneurs across different fields fall into the dangerous assumption that you only
need graphic designers and website designers to successfully launch a brand that communicates a business’ mission and vision. That’s a myth.

Graphic & web designers have their place in your brand strategy, but if you want the foundations of your brand to be correct and not focused solely on the visual aspects, you need to start your brand with a Brand Strategist.

Working with a Brand Strategist will save you valuable time with getting your business moving forward in the right direction. If you’d rather devote your time to other essential parts of the business instead of adding a new hat to your role as a business owner & CEO, hire a brand strategist.

After all, branding is a professional service. It is only right that you get a professional.

What I Would Recommend

By debunking myths about branding, you are one step closer to creating the branding that best
serves your business’s goals.

If you are a decision-fatigued business owner and need help with your business’ brand strategy set up a meeting with me and let’s get clear on where you can improve to get in front of the clients you want.